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GO APP 4.0.5 IOS

by 9to5dji
DJI GO App Update 4.0.5

New GO app and new Inspire 2 features/functions.

Another small addition is that the cached video will now include audio recorded via the smart device’s microphone. This means if you get a proper brown pants moment, you can not only relive the video but also your vocal reactions 🙂

What’s New in Version 4.0.5
Inspire 2:
-Added CSG switch in TapFly
-Added Profile Mode in ActiveTrack
-Added support for setting speed and Yaw Smoothness in Tripod Mode
-Added support for naming customized gimbal settings
-Optimized smart LED settings
-Added FPV display for DJI Go 4 (smartphone version)
-Added precise record function of takeoff point
Mavic Pro:
-Added feature that preciously record takeoff point
-Increase max flight speed to 15m/s in ActiveTrack
-Added support for simultaneous control of aircraft by Primary and Secondary remote controllers
-Added Free Eye feature, which enables image slideshow.
-Added Reserve filter, Curve mode and Video Reverse mode. Updated music library
-Added Total Reset feature in AutoEdit
-Added support to save video in mobile device cache when SD card is full or or unavailable.
-Updated Flight Restriction terms in Mainland China
-Added audio recording function while caching video
-App available now in Korean

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