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GO APP 4.0.5 IOS ( brings goodies )

by 9to5dji

A new DJI go 4 App has dropped and it brings some goodies to the Mavic. Version 4.0.5 includes updates and fixes for the Inspire 2,P4P and Mavic as well as general updates and bug fixes.

The most notable one for the Mavic is the dual RC support. This means that the entire Mavic can be controlled from two different RC’s.. The MASTER RC always has priority so if the MASTER is controlling the sticks the SLAVE has no stick control. Same goes for the gimbal wheel. When the sticks or gimbal wheel are idle for two seconds, THEN and only then the SLAVE RC has control.

This is the first App version that mentions the Goggles too. In the RC linking menu you get the options to link an RC, link a assist remote controller ( but fully functional ) RC and also a “VR Goggles Slave” option. This IMO signifies the imminent release of the DJI Goggles.

Linking the secondary RC is done FROM the secondary RC. Go into the RC settings and at the bottom you have a “Linking Remote Controller” option. Choose this then choose “Assist Remote Controller”. The RC will beep whilst you press the RC linking button on the Mavic aircraft ( under the cover where the SD card goes ). For more info on this new feature, see the latest user manual in the downloads section for the Mavic on DJI’s site ( https://www.dji.com/mavic/info#downloads ). The info is on page 37. You can buy a spare RC from the DJI store if you need one http://store.dji.com/product/mavic-remote-controller#/

Another small addition is that the cached video will now include audio recorded via the smart device’s microphone. This means if you get a proper brown pants moment, you can not only relive the video but also your vocal reactions 🙂

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