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Gimbal Guard – A Warning from DJI

by 9to5dji

DJI placed a warning on their forum today for users adding 3rd party gimbal guards to their Phantom 4’s ( and P3 ). In the posting, DJI-Paladin states that they have received crashed P4’s in for repair that was caused by these types of accessories because they interfered with the Phantoms underbody sensors. DJI recommends people use caution when these are fitted and note it *could invalidate the warranty if they internal log analysis indicates any obstruction of the sensors ( I am sure DJI will have gathered lots of log data for when these items are fitted so just taking it off to send for repair won’t work if the telemetry from the logs match the pattern they have seen in testing ).

This warning has more relevance to the Phantom 4 due to the increased sensitivity of the downward sensors.

You have been warned from the horse’s mouth so don’t bitch and moan if you get a rejected warranty claim because of it.

Recently, we’ve had some cases in which Phantom 4’s have crashed due to the drone’s ultrasonic sensors malfunctioning. By analyzing the flight data and your feedback, we found the gimbal protector may block the sensors and affect their performance. Even worse, the aircraft may half in the air if the bracket has improperly mounted. The unofficial brackets may lead the aircraft to be damaged and these situations are excluded in the Manufacturer’s Warranty. Therefore, we recommend you to be caution of the protection brackets or the unofficial accessories, especially use them in the flights.

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Paula 28th May 2016 - 01:57

Hi i would line to know Th difference between Phantom VS Phantom 4’s
Please help with this .


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