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Final thoughts before the Phantom 4 launch.

by 9to5dji

Now it is only a few hours from the launch of the Phantom 4, lets have some final thoughts on what to expect..

1: New taller motors. These motors( yet to be officially named ) will have more power than the previous P3 ones. They feature slits in the sides for cooling. Presumably air is drawn into them form the top and exited through these slits. Another theory is that they could draw air IN through the slits int the shell, cooling the motors and the internals.
2: The only visible cooling other than the motors is the mesh vents on each arm as well as small holes in the bottom near the gimbal. There are likely to be a minimum one one fan inside the body.
3: There is no visible rubber mounting for the gimbal on the Phantom 4, this is likely inside the shell. This makes the P4 more streamlined. Because of this, the MicroSD and USB port is located on the side of the Phantom 4.
4: The LED pods are directly underneath the motors. Its not clear what benefit this has. The functin on the LED’s is likely to be the same as in the Phantom 3, orientation marker and status lights.
5: The landing gear is wider on the Phantom 4 and had a rubber pad that runs the entire length unlike the P3. The wider legs will give it more stability when landing in windy conditions.
6: The Phantom 4 comes with more positioning sensors on the bottom as well as two forward facing ones. These are likely for object detection and avoidance. DJI’s TapFlight feature will also likely use them to navigate an object simply by flicking it on a mobile device screen.
7: For the first time, the Phantom gets Quick Release Props. Until they are in hand, its hard to tell if this is a good or bad thing.
8: The gimbal has support for the camera on both sides of the tilt motor. This is similar to how the Zenmuse X5 camera is supported. DJI have managed to keep the details of the camera very quiet but the hopes are for 4k @60fps and a higher bitrate of 100.
9: The battery, as we have seen in the leaked images, is massive. Its exact specification is not known yet not is how much flight time it will offer compared to the Phantom 3.
10: The shell of the Phantom 4 looks much shinier than the P3, if its any better or less susceptible to cracking is something we will nee to wait and see.

Its been fun speculating on the Phantom 4 over the last few weeks. JOIN US for live updates as the launch happens and analysis of the Phantom 4. Also keep visiting as once the launch is over, the fun starts and I will be offering you tips, guides, reviews, support and all other things Phantom 4 related.

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