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Does this signal an Osmo 2 on the way?

by 9to5dji

People have started talking about the likelihood of an Osmo 2 being announced soon(ish) due to DJI having a “2 free batteries” offer for the original Osmo. This could well be the reason for the offer, although DJI are known for having random offers anyway.

What gives this way of thinking more credibility is something I posted some time back regarding a firmware titled HG300 and HG310 that is being tested. This firmware does not make a direct reference to the Osmo 2 and appears much smaller in size to the original Osmo firmware. The mention of HG310 is also in the original Osmo firmware so the naming could not be that important, what is though, if the fact DJI are testing a separate firmware.

DJI are also testing a firmware named “OSMO_FC350Z” with a time of “Osmo_Zoom” as well as firmware’s that are seemingly not osmo relates like the RTK, ZT300.

Whatever all this means, DJI are working on something osmo related and we will likely know about it soon 🙂

Happy Osmo’ing 🙂

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