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DJI Spark Teaser Video – What clues can we get from the video?

by 9to5dji
Size Seize the moment

DJI dropped the teaser for the DJI Spark ( guess but most likely it’s for the Spark ) yesterday, a full week before the launch date, so what can we take from this video to get excited about? Here I break down the video and see what there is to see.

1: Before even looking at the contents of the video, the first thing to point out is the fact it was uploaded in 1080p and not 4k. This could be nothing as I expect the Spark to be 4k capable but it’s worth mentioning that the DJI Mavic teaser was uploaded in 4k. Like I said, this could be DJI’s way to hide the truth 🙂
DJI Spark - 1080p
2: The video starts with the sound of a zipper and a bag opening to the face of a young guy who gives off a “Ooooh”  and girl smiling with a dog next to him. Not sure what the zipper sound is there as the bag seems to be like a duffel bad that is closed by pulling a cord 🙂
DJI Spark - Duffel Bag
3: The teaser sets the stage that whatever came form the bag is small and cute and makes you happy just seeing it. The shot cuts quickly to another couple and again the object in question is removed from a bag, a woman’s handbag in this case. This couple are also happy to see what is in the bag.
 4: The next scene introduces two more couples ( couples and groups of people seem to be a theme of the teaser ). The first couple pick the object off the ground showing amazement at it ( although the girl seems more interested as what is off camera to the left 🙂 )
The fourth couple are introduced holding the object with the omain saying “Wow” before “releasing” the object and allowing it to fly away waving at it as it does.
5: The next scenes are the slogans mixed with some flying shots. The text, tells you “YOUR WORLD IS ABOUT TO GET a little BIGGER”. With emphasis on “a little” and “BIGGER”. Mixed in with the texts is some shots of the object flying quickly as well as some top down video.

6: Next up is couple number three and four showing amazement that the object fly’s.
7: Next up is a selection of clips showing the object flying through very tight holes and gaps at a reasonable speed. This implies again the object is small, very small.

8: Image 7 in the selection above is interesting as it shows the controller in the hand of the guy on the left. The controller clearly looks like a Mavic one with a phone attached. We already know that the there will be a version of Spark that comes with an RC similar to the Mavic one just minus the LCD screen. This image seems to validate that thought.
9: After the quick shots of the object flying, we get more text and another clue to the object being small. “LOOK CLOSER – DON’T MISS IT – SIZE – SEIZE THE MOMENT”. The big clue here is the word SIZE quickly appearing and being changed to SEIZE. Nice little play with words form DJI. The last part of this scene even has some sparks from a grinder randomly added it 🙂
10: An interesting image from the above is image three with the group on the beach. The woman in the middle appears to be holding a remote of a phone. We know the Mavic can be flown via a mobile phone only and since it’s rumoured that the Spark will come as two versions ( with and without RC ), could she be flying it with just a phone?

11: The second to last scene is a very fact rewind of all the scenes we have already seen that reveals the DJI logo and text saying the date of the event, May 24, 2017 and the hashtag #SeizeTheMoment

12: And just when you think the teaser is over, couple one, two and three are again seen but this time they are excited about the experience they just had and the footage taken and couple one saying they want to go home to post it, couple two saying it was intense and couple three saying g they loved it.

So there we have it. I must say, DJI are stepping up the game with the teaser videos and incorporating little clues into them to generate hype and excitement. What we can take from this teaser is that Spark is definitely a selfie drone but one that can fly like the Mavic and produce amazing image/video that we have come to expect and possibly demand from DJI. Not long to go now until we all know what it is and all of us spend out money one one 🙂

If you lie this article the please keep visiting back but also, for all the Spark info as well as a community of friendly, helpful people that is well moderated, visit the DJI Spark Facebook group ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/1445813242149652/ ).

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