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DJI Release Dates

by 9to5dji

With March the 1st looming and the possibility of the Phantom 4 being announced, lets have a look at when the other models were released and how this could relate to the Phantom 4.. The below table shows the release dates for other DJI products. Notice the relation between the Phantom 3 and the possibility of the Phantom 4 🙂

There is a high likelihood of an Inspire 2 being released in March also. Maybe, just maybe they will also announce some other product, possibly not flying related.

Temperature for Battery UseProducts
-20° to 40°C (-4 ° to 104°F)Inspire 2
-10° to 40°C (14 ° -104°F)Mavic Pro, Inspire 1 Series, Phantom 3 Series
0° to 40°C ( 32° to 104° F )Spark, Phantom 4 Series

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