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Your DJI Phantom Multifunctional Backpack Order!

by 9to5dji

Got the dreaded DJI email this morning about the order I have placed that includes the Phantom Multifunctional Backpack saying the same old story that it’s delayed due to unforeseen demand. WTF DJI, its a backpack and I ordered almost as soon as it was made available to buy.. How in the world, unless you don’t have any can it be delayed due to demand? Are you shipping the newest orders first? Do you even have any backpacks? I ordered two MONTHS ago!!

Its nice of you to offer 30% off the more expensive Phantom Backpack but IMO, its not a good product for the Phantom as I already have one. Its more of a photographers backpack made into one for the Phantom.. I WANT THE MULTIFUNCTIONAL ONE!!!

Also 30% off of a £319 backpack makes it £223.30, still £54.30 more expensive than the one I wanted. Would have been better to offer 30% off of anything in the meantime and let me wait for the one I want.

last thing, if it will be over 40 days before you ship the backpack, what’s the point of having it available to buy. Just say out of stock, people will be happier that having money taken off of them.
Available to ship: 40-50 business days after payment is confirmed

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