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DJI Phantom 4 ( X – Tomato – Sense ) New Leaked Images

by 9to5dji

New images have emerged from China showing as before unseen angles of DJI’s upcoming quadcopter. The new images also show it in flight for the first time. Lets take a closer look at the images.

Phantom 4 ( or Tomato, X, Sense whatever DJI call it ) is seen in flight for the first time. The image is taken from the rear and at first glance you could be forgiven if you thought it was a Phantom 3. The main difference from this image is the motors are clearly different, the propellers look similar in size as those on the Phantom 3. They are the same as we have seen in the previous leaked images. The battery area also looks bigger like we have previously seen.

This image also almost 100% removes any idea that the Phantom 4 will have retractable legs. The images show NO indication of this. The landing gear also looks similar to that of the P3 although their depth looks a little bigger and they look sturdier.
Phantom 4 X Tomator Sense In Flight
With mental enhancement of the rear you can make out the 6 battery lights seen in the teaser video as well as a round power button to the right.
Phantom 4 X Tomator Sense Enhanced Image

A two other leaked images show the Phantom 4 ( Tomato, X or Sense ) on a messy looking bench.

Firstly one shows the Phantom 4 from the rear with NO battery inserted. Its clear as day from first glance that the battery that goes into here is massive compared to the P3. The bay is lacking any connectors although a circuit board can be seen behind the plastic on the right.

Its hard to tell but the landing gear could be a little wider than that of the P3. This P4 seems to have the shell open and its being held in place by masking tape. It shows the seam of the shell is similar to the P3 ( it was though it might be different from previous images ). There are also markings on the side of the shell that are likely points for stickers..

Last thing of note from this image is the gimbal is in view a little. Its material is likely aluminium like before but it looks coated in white.
Phantom 4 X Tomator Sense Rear No Battery
The final interesting bit from this image is what looks like a “Quick release” system for the propellers.
Phantom 4 Quick release Props

The second image is from the side of the Phantom 4.

You can better see the gimbal from this image and what some might instantly see as shocking is the visible ribbon cable. Its even more exposed than previous models that causes users grief.

Ignoring the cable, you can better see that the camera is not brushed aluminium now but rather is coated white. There is a small chance that DJI made some of the gimbal from composite materials also to save weight.

You can see the Roll and Tilt motors ( the tilt is now supported on both sides similar to how it is on the Zenmuse X5 ). The  YAW motor is not clear, the white bump could be it but it does look as though the YAW motor is within the belly of the aircraft.

You can see the vents seen in the teaser video on the side as well as the recesses in the plastic where likely they will attach stickers.

Although the camera can be seen, very little other than its similar size to that of the Phantom 3 can be made out.
Phantom 4 Body fro the side

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gggmmm 27th February 2016 - 10:40

Correction needed:
You can see the ROLL and tilt motors…not pan and tilt.

Phantom4 27th February 2016 - 10:48

Cheers dude, corrected..

Ingmar 27th February 2016 - 12:42

Much hate for the ribbon cable.

Phantom4 27th February 2016 - 12:46

I agree.. Bit shit of DJI to continue to do this..


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