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DJI Osmo UK Shipping Information

by 9to5dji

As many of you know, the UK DJI Osmo orders seems to have been delayed for some unknown reason. DJI state in emails sent to customers that its because of “unprecedented demand”, its likely due to some cock-up with the shipping. So, whilst users in most countries around the world are enjoying their brand new shiny DJI Osmo, UK customers parting with a hefty £549 of the Queens finest pounds are left licking their computer screens at other peoples Osmo videos.

UPDATE 2: I have received a tracking number that seems to be moving through China. So it looks like UK orders are being shipped from China now. Should hopefully get the Osmo by mid next week 🙂

DJI Osmo Order Shipped

DJI Osmo Shipped DHL

UPDATE 1: The good news it, that since the below email was sent, one of my orders with DJI has changed from “Pending” to “Prepare”. Not a foggiest if that is actually good news or not but lets wait and see.

Below is a screenshot of the email sent to users on Wednesday 28th October.

Delayed DJI Osmo Order

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