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DJI Osmo Pro Handle?

by 9to5dji

I have been thinking ( ouch )… What next for the DJI Osmo? When the X5 adapter finally becomes available does it just stop there and the only thing that might change is a news camera in the future?

I think, deep within DJI’s thinking factory that a new Osmo handle is in development. Call it Osmo 2 or even Osmo Pro. It is likely to include the features that the Osmo currently lacks, more power and focus control for the X5 and future cameras. It could also have HDMI out and of course a better flipping microphone ( or just ignore the on-board crap ).

Also maybe they can get a 4 axis gimbal so the Z can be taken care of so we don’t need to do the stupid walk that feels like some torture on your calf muscles.

Too much thinking for one day.

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Sandy Allsopp 1st May 2016 - 12:17

Dear Sir,
Congrats on your brilliant site. We would be honoured if you would consider adding our 2m3 Skyshot Helikite to your accessories section. This product is a unique kite/balloon hybrid that can fly the OSMO in lots of places drones cannot go or are banned. The 3-axis OSMO provides brilliant steady views and the Helikite lifts it for as long as you want. The Wi-Fi control + Smartphone viewer sorts is effective from hundreds of feet away allowing good altitude. It is now legal and easy to record football matches, crowd scenes, cycle racing, houses for sale, weddings, fetes, horse racing, news events, etc. See the bottom of our new website for a video: http://www.easyaerialphotography.com . Best regards, Sandy Allsopp


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