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DJI Osmo Mobile – Hands-on Review

by 9to5dji
DJI Osmo Mobile - Hands-on Review

Here is a review I made of the Osmo Mobile in my usual “low tech” way – I am a normal user just like most of you guys so have no budget for the snazzy reviews that some of the big Tech firms have made or others vloggers paid to do so have. DJI have had no influence on what I say nor have they paid me to do the review, my opinions are my own.

This is the review video. Visit Youtube to watch it as in the description I have time linked to various parts as it is long and might bore some of you to death 🙂

Best Points..
1: ActiveTrack – Just love this feature and it works really well. Best suited for vloggers or even pointing it at your face whilst hoverboarding or on a bike ( handheld ).
2: Motion Timelapse – I love making timelapses on my Phone and this takes it to another level.
3: Battery lasts a long time.. You will charge your phone many times before the Osmo needs more juice. If you get spare batteries make them the new High Capacity versions..
4: Easy to setup with multiple smartphones. A new smartphone means the Osmo gets a new camera
5: Accessories for the original Osmo works with this one ( except the Z-Axis ) – See here for what works..
6: It’s priced very competitively compared to other products n the market. You get the benefit of a DJI gimbal knowing it is good quality from people who design their own.
7: Works with most modern smartphones ( IOS and Android ). Fits smartphones 58.6mm to 84.8mm and 8.4mm thick.
Some bad points / observations..
1: Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) on the smartphone does not play well in conjunction with a gimbal. hard running or having it attached to a bike/car will cause unwanted glitched in the recorded video.
2: In very quiet environments and a smartphone with it’s mic on the bottom will result in picking up some motor noise from the gimbal.
3: The gimbal does not like strong wind and the bigger the phone the more surface area the wind has to push against it ruining the video. Just be aware..
4: I think an option to control the speed of the gimbal movement when using the joystick is needed. just seems a bit slow for some uses.
5: Ninja walk is needed to get the most smooth video. You cannot use the Z-Axis!
6: When using multiple points in the Motion Timelapse, the transition between panning and tilting is not really smooth ( seems a bit abrupt ).
Overall I like the Osmo Mobile and if you don’t own an original Osmo and wish to have steady buttery smooth video from your smartphone then the Osmo Mobile is the way to go. if you already own an Original Osmo and are in no dire need of ActiveTrack or Motion Timelapse, I would not go and sell a Kidney to buy one..

The DJI Osmo Mobile The DJI Osmo Mobile The DJI Osmo Mobile The DJI Osmo Mobile

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