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by 9to5dji

UPDATE 1: It seems this was a big oversight on DJI’s part when they added Osmo Goose to the App and they have sent an “update” to the DJI GO App when opened with an active data connection to remove the reference to the “Osmo Goose” version from the drop down list.

If you want to see it in person, delete the app and reinstall but before opening it for the first time disable any internet/data connections. You will see it listed in the Osmo section dropdown.

Thanks to Ari for commenting on another thread I made regarding the Z3 coming to the Osmo for this info/image.

It looks like I was right about the Z3 for the Osmo coming very soon and DJI have let the Cat out of the bag by featuring it withing their latest DFJI Go App main screen. As you can guess form the title, the new name ( or codename ) for this new Osmo ( or camera combo ) is GOOSE. I have a feeling it will be called “Osmo ZOOM” by the time it is announced.

No specification of the camera is available but from the look of it, it looks very similar to the already released Z3. The lens details are the same ( 4-14mm F/2.8-5.2 FOV 35 – 92 ). The main difference seems to be that the shell is black not white. The other difference is its name. On the Z3 the name written on the camera is “Zenmuse Z3” but on this image of the Osmo GOOSE it says “ZENMUSE Z3 ZOOM” ( could also be X3 ZOOM hard to tell from this image ).

Like I said in the other thread, I know for a fact DJI are testing a firmware specifically for the Osmo with a ZOOM. Its likely to be the same as the Z3 in my opinion just cosmetically different.

Lets just hope this this not a DJI “Wild GOOSE Chase 🙂 )


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Nope 2nd August 2016 - 16:50

Is there a way to contact you directly? Did not find any mail address or similar at the site.

Nope 2nd August 2016 - 16:55

Wanted to leave you a hint on new app Litchi for iOS and google play. I am just a normal user, no connection to app maker. Maybe there is time for an app section at your site.

If you announce feedback possibilities, I will provide mail address there.

I check your site ones a day to get the latest.

Have a good one!

Osmo 2nd August 2016 - 17:06

You can email me directly at osmo@osmo-guide.co.uk


Mdubs 11th August 2016 - 14:19

So the new camera will be exactly the same? Just with the ability to zoom?

Osmo 11th August 2016 - 14:46

At the moment its speculation as it seems that a new Osmo ( Osmo Mobile ) is in the works. No idea what camera this will have or if it is the “Goose”.

But as far as the Z3 camera goes, that should be made compatible with the Osmo when the “Osmo Goose” is announced. The Z3 has similar internals to the X3 but with the added zoom a AND the same optics as the Phantom 4 camera. So its a little bit better than the X3.

Mdubs 11th August 2016 - 14:55

Perfect, thanks for the info! Think I will hold off buying one for the time being then!


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