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DJI Osmo Formware v1.6.2.10

by 9to5dji

DJI have released another firmware for the Osmo ( that was quick ). This seems to be a service update from the last one but with a big version jump.

For help installing it, refer to this post for firmware You can no ignore the note regarding the app not prompting as they seem to have resolved this now, use the APP method.

Major Updates
Fixed issue with low audio recording volume when using firmware v1.5.2.0.
2. Fixed occasional failure to apply digital stabilization when taking timelapse photos.

Once the update is complete, the log stored in the hidden folder should reflect the following verion numbers.

[00245897]Version checking[3]…
[00245972][01 00][05] v2.65.5033 -> v2.65.5033
[00246036][01 01][05] v2.65.5033 -> v2.65.5033
[00246114][04 00][05] v1.29.0.92 -> v1.29.0.92
[00246200][09 00][05] v0.0.0.81 -> v0.0.0.81
[00246281][08 00][00] v2.14.9.42 -> v2.14.9.42
[00246347]Packet upgrade finish successfully.

Osmo Firmware

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Alex 29th March 2016 - 14:00

Hello! FYI it seems they changed OSMO packaging with the latest batch of OSMO’s out the factory?

Wonder if anything else is tweaked with the new batch? Hmm.

Here is a pic:



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