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UPDATE 1: DJI Osmo Firmware Install Guide

by 9to5dji
Mavic Firmware v01.03.0500
DJI Osmo Firmware 1.5.2.x Install Guide
DJI Osmo Firmware Install Guide


Today DJI have released firmware version for the DJI Osmo. This post will help you install it and also provide a source of help if you need it.

NOTE: You must be running GO App version 2.7 to make full use of this firmware.


I have held off this update thinking it would be resolved but it seems DJI have ballsed something up and the App is not prompting for the update for most people. So this kind of throws my suggestion of using the GO App as a preferred method to update out of the windows. So, if you are not getting the prompt to update in the latest App, don’t keep trying just give up ( I know you are brought up to never give up but in this case please do ) and use the SD card method below.

What’s New.
1: Add “Mute Fan” option in camera Setting->Audio Control->Mute Fan. (You should scroll down the menu list to find it) The fan will be stopped during video recording, while it will start again automatically if the camera is too hot. It will also resume when you stop recording. NOTE: Latest GO App Required.
2: Add Digital Zoom feature ( x2 ), you can use two fingers to zoom on the screen (except for 4K and Slow motion video ). NOTE: Latest GO App Required.
3: Add Portrait option in camera Color setting. NOTE: Latest GO App Required.
4: Hold the shooting button on Osmo you can trigger continuous shooting. NOTE: Latest GO App Required.
5: Added button combination to disable/enable WiFi on the Osmo ( will aid battery conservation when setting up scenes or just when you don’t want to use a mobile device ).
6: Added Gimbal 2-axis control ( Pan and Tilt the camera at the same time using the Osmo’s joystick ). NOTE: Enable “Free” mode in Settings>Gimbal under “Joystick control direction”.
7: Single video recordings in high temperatures are capped at 30 minutes to ensure video quality.


1: Lower the power consumption of Osmo to increase the using time.
2: Always show the latest captured photo when doing timelapse.
3: Optimize the D-Log & D-Cinelike Color option.
4: Optimize the Audio Volume Control gain.
5: Fix the issue that audio might be lost occasionally when recording video with low speed SD card.
6: Fix the issue that Osmo will shoot two photos in the same angle sometimes in when shooting Pano.
7: Auto save the gimbal “Calibrate Horizon” value after power cycle.
8: Optimize the firmware upgrading process. Made it less likely to fail.
9: Removed possibility of two or more devices connecting to the Osmo.
10: Optimized Gimbal drift when taking time-lapse video.
11: Optimized the issue of Gimbal drifting at rest.
12: Video downlink optimized for enhanced live streaming.
13: Downloading of videos and photos to mobile devices now three times faster.
14: Audio data loss when using some Micro SD cards under class-10 or UHS-1 fixed.
15: Double capture of the same shot when shooting panorama fixed.
16: Gimbal drifting reduced.
17: Joystick control optimized.
18: Horizontal calibration data saves automatically after powering off.

Upgrade Notes.
1: Make sure the DJI Osmo has at least 50% battery before attempting the update. The Osmo will prompt you it cannot continue with the update is the battery is below 50%.
DJI Osmo battery Must Be at 505 or Above to upgrade.
2: Make sure the mobile device has sufficient battery remaining ( 50% ).
3: Make sure, especially when using the GO App update method, that the Osmo has an SD card inserted or you will encounter an error as below.
NO SD Crad DJI Osmo Firmware Update
4: Keep the gimbal in the locked position for updates and place the Osmo down on a secure surface.
5: Once the update starts, and the camera light is flashing RED, DO NOT power off the Osmo until it completes.
6: After upgrading perform an Auto Calibration of the gimbal.

Updating the firmware is easy. You have two options. The DJI Go App method and the .BIN file on the SD card method.

The GO App Update ( preferred method ).
Power on the Osmo, Start the DJI GO App. You get prompted that a new update is available in the GO App when you open it ( need to have Internet ).
2: Download the firmware following the direction form the app.
3: With the Osmo gimbal LOCKED, connect the mobile device to it’s SSID.
4: Start the update process from the Go App, takes about 10 to 20 minutes.
5: When the update finishes successfully you will hear the D-DD beeps and the DJI Go App will indicate success and prompt you to restart the Osmo. The Camera status light will also turn a SOLID GREEN ( left hand side light ).
6: Restart the Osmo ( and app if it does not refresh the update successful page ).

The below video is a visual guide on updating via the GO App ( sequences have been shortened ).

INFO: If the firmware update fails, the sound produced by the Osmo will be a D-D-D-D beep. Try the update again. Leave it to go for longer as its likely you turned it off too early.

The DJI Go App should show firmware version after the Update is successful ( if it says Unknown or something else, ignore it as long as the version numbers are correct for the various modules ).
DJI Osmo Firmware Update


The .BIN file on the SD card method should be a last case option if the App method does not work.

SD Card Update Method
1: Download the latest firmware for the osmo from DJI’s site – http://www.dji.com/product/osmo/info#downloads
2: Extract the downloaded file ( name file here ) and copy the OSMO_FW_V01.05.02.00.bin file to your SD card.
3: With the OSMO powered OFF and the gimbal LOCKED, put the SD card in the camera and power ON the Osmo
4: The Osmo will start to update automatically. Can take between 10 and 20 minutes.
5: Wait for the Osmo Camera Status light to change into a SOLID GREEN and you hear the D-DD beep.

6: Power the OSMO OFF and back ON and check it connects to the DJI Go App.

INFO: If the firmware update fails, the sound produced by the Osmo will be a D-D-D-D beep. Try the update again. Leave it to go for longer as its likely you turned it off too early.

The DJI Go App should show firmware version after the Update is successful ( if it says Unknown or something else, ignore it as long as the version numbers are correct for the various modules ).
DJI Osmo Firmware Update


After installing the firmware you will have two log files generated on the SD card. These two files will convey the results of the firmware update process.

Check the install logs.
Log file OSMO_FW_RESULT_AB.txt in hidden folder on SD ( MISC/LOG ). ( RED is previous version BLUE is new version and GREEN is unchanged version )

Packet [C:\OSMO_FW_V99.99.99.99.bin] Version checking[2]…
[01 00][05] v2.54.4714 -> v2.63.4998
[01 01][00] v2.48.4521 -> v2.63.4998
[04 00][00] v1.29.0.63 -> v1.29.0.91
[09 00][00] v0.0.0.73 -> v0.0.0.78
[08 00][00] v2.14.9.37 -> v2.14.9.42
[07 00][00] v1.0.9.40 -> v1.0.9.48

Log file OSMO_FW_LOG_AB.txt in the root of the SD card.

========== 2014.01.01 00:00:08 remo-con disconnect======
Packet: OSMO_FW_V######.bin
Result: Success.

You can also confirm these firmware versions using the DJI GO App. Connect to the Osmo and in the App select Settings ( gear Icon )>General>About>Firmware – You can match up the log file and the different modules mentioned in the App using the below as a guide.

Module [01 00] is Camera
Module [04 00] is Gimbal
Module [08 00] is Encoder
Module [09 00] is AirOFDM
Module [07 00] is WiFi

New Features Demo Video.

Below is a demo video I made showing the various new features available with this new firmware.


If you experience any problems during the firmware update, please post details in the following thread on the official DJI forum. – http://forum.dji.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=40821

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Alex 17th March 2016 - 16:36

Great! thanks for the videos. Unfortunately can still see some gimbal creep when fast forwarding through your video it;s quite noticeable.. Hopefully it’s better than before though

Osmo 17th March 2016 - 16:40

HI Alex, the video was made with a very early release when all new features were confirmed. It went through many many revisions since then to both camera and gimbal. Its not 100% perfect all the time but very very manageable..

Alex 17th March 2016 - 16:42

Awesome to hear! thanks 🙂

just bought an OSMO today and looking forward to the update!

aung 10th May 2016 - 06:42

my osmo x3 is now no firmware.camera .encoder fail.i lost original sd card . firmware upgrade is take long time and does not finish. green and red light is blinking . how can i do. help

Moises Garduño 14th December 2016 - 02:15

Could you solve it?

Andrew 5th October 2016 - 09:28

I’ve updated my osmo lastnight and noticed a crackling noise when recording – despite the fan being switched off I now have static / cracking noise when playing back footage… which in my opinion seems worse.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Osmo 5th October 2016 - 09:50

Have a play about with the audio gain option.. it might be set too high..

Ari 5th October 2016 - 09:57

Check the original video file. I experienced similar things sometimes watching the cached video in the GO app


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