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DJI Osmo Firmware Update Video

by 9to5dji

I made this video to show the update process for the DJI osmo to firmware version ( shows as in the DJI GO App ). The steps are very easy and everythign *should go without a hitch.

1: Remove Micro SD card from the Osmo and plug it into your computer
2: Download, extract and copy the OSMO_FW_V01.01.01.50.bin file to the ROOT of the SD card
3: Put the SD card back in the Osmo
4: Power ON the Osmo, update will start in about 10 seconds
5: watch the status light flash RED and GREEN. When it goes to solid GREEN, the update is finished.
6: Power the Osmo Off then back On
7: Connect to the Osmo using your mobile device, Go to Settings>General>About and verify the firmware version is listed as

The update is now complete

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