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DJI Opening First Retail Store

by 9to5dji

Not Osmo related but though I would post it anyway.

The company we all love spending out cash in,  China’s SZ DJI Technology Co, are opening their first flagship retail store next month. Unfortunately for me and millions more DJI fans around the world, there is only one being opened in Shenzhen, China at the moment. The store will be big with 800 square meters (8,611 square feet) of floor space to showcase all the amazing products they design,manufacture and build sell.

Whats the reason behind the retail store? Well its telling that they open it first in China and not the US or an European country. Most of DJI’s sales are in the US and other outside China countries. The Drone business is still very small in China. So it makes sense that DJI try and shove some money towards making its countrymen and women more aware first, DJI said “We want more people to see and touch our products,”.

Will we get a DJI Store in London or New Your? Maybe. Lets all hope 🙂

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