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DJI Multifunctional Backpack

by 9to5dji

As soon as the DJI Phantom 4 became available t buy in the store, DJI also added a few accessories, some must-haves like batteries and props and others not so much like sunshade. One other item they added was the Multifunctional Backpack, I am not sure if this falls into the must-haves or the maybe category.

Since the Phantom 3, DJI have released a hardshell type backpack for their craft. The one for the Phantom 3 is brilliant. It securely holds th P3 and has enough space to hold all the stuff you need for a flight ( even better with a little modification 🙂 ).
The new one, the Multifunctional Backpack, looks good on the outside but when I received an internal shot ( that DJI has removed from their site ), I am not sure about it at all. The hard-shell for the Phantom 3 was specifically made for it and nothing else, this multifuction one is DJI trying to make a one-size fits all backpack and fail. Its just not as good as the Phantom 3 one. Its effectively a normal backpack retrofitted to hold the P4. Just like some of the Ebay specials. For £169 it just looks  alittle expensive from what I can seen

I have ordered one and will make a proper judgement on it once I have given it a good looking over. You can, if you ant, pre-order it on DJI’s Store now. Should ship in late April.

Phantom 4 Backpack Phantom 4 Backpack Phantom 4 Backpack Phantom 4 Backpack Phantom 4 Backpack Phantom 4 Backpack

Phantom 4 Backpack

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