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Update 1:

Below are apparent leaked images of the Mavic. Some people have diverted their opinion from it being an FPV racer to it being just a smaller more portable drone. Me, I am still convinced it it some kind of racer. Apart from the folding arms it does look like it could still be one.

Mavic2 Mavic3 Mavic4 Mavic1


Now that DJI have released the Osmo Mobile attention is being turned to the DJI Mavic. Where did this name suddenly pop up from? Well, in August 15th DJI registered a trademark for the name.

In the details of the trademark application they state “Software for the development and operation of robotic devices, drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned aerial systems (UAS), and remote control (RC) aircraft.” – This is exactly what they had for the Inspire and Matrice trademark. As mentioned by MyFirstDrone, some wording in the trademark stands out as components for an FPV Racing drone “signal lanterns being luminous safety beacons; aerial antennas; acoustic sound alarms and alarm sensors; personnel tracking devices; goggles for virtual reality”.

The transmitter is though to be an all-in-one with integrated screen running a flavour of Android.

Couple this with the leaked battery images, it makes me and others think they are about to release a small drone or plane. The form of the battery would be a little odd for a plane so thinking is shifted towards a smaller drone, maybe an FPV racer to compete with Yuneec’s Breeze.

Another hint towards there being a DJI FPV Racer is the fact DJI are building an FPV racecourse in Korea
DJI FPD Drone Arena DJI FPD Drone Arena DJI FPV Drone Arena

Rumoured Specification:
4K Camera
2 axis gimbal
300m (984 feet) ofdm digital wifi link
foldable design for transport
650gram (1.43 lbs) weight
Transmitter will be an all-in-one
Android-based OS with integrated LCD Display
3S 3830mAh 11.1v battery as seen below

DJI Mavic Battery Leaked

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