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DJI Mavic System And Battery Lights Reference Cards

by 9to5dji
DJI Mavic System and battery Lights Reference card

Here are reference cards for the system and battery lights on a DJI Mavic.

DJI Mavic System Status Lights Reference Card

DJI Mavic Battery Level Indicator Reference Card

DJI Mavic Battery Level Indicator Whilst Charging Reference Card

DJI Mavic Battery Protection LED Status

DJI Mavic Battery Life Indicator

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Greg 12th August 2017 - 08:11

I have a battery which has the two middle LED lights blinking once every 13 seconds. The battery won’t charge and pressing the indicator button does not do anything. Any idea what that means?

Ryan Moore 27th April 2018 - 23:20

The fewer green lights I see, the ***MORE*** charged it is?? This is literally the stupidest thing I have ever seen.

Ryan Moore 27th April 2018 - 23:25

OOOOOOOHHH I see the chart is sideways. Wow they could not have made this more confusing if they tried.

Ryan Moore 28th April 2018 - 01:21

Ok sorry for so many comments, but I’m going to try to clear this up for anyone else who comes here as frustrated as I was.

1) Don;’t overthink the charging lights. A sane person would’ve drawn that chart as just a straight diagonal line– more LEDs on = more charge.
2) For some reason it is possible to turn the batteries on when they’re not connected to the drone, I guess just in case you want to drain a battery for absolutely no reason at all. So when testing charge be careful to just press once, don’t do the DJI “short press/long press” or you will turn it on.
3) Sometimes, like me, you just get a dead one. I have a battery that will not take a charge or turn on but, bizarrely, it still flashes the first LED as if it were charging, and when I do “short press/long press” it flashes all LEDs, giving the false impression it’s doing something, when it isn’t, because it’s dead.

Chris P. 27th June 2018 - 04:39

The battery of the Mavic just has 4 LED lights and your graphic shows that it is “empty” if 8 out of 9 (LED) lights are green….!???


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