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UPDATED with more images ( controller ): DJI Mavic – First Real Photos

by 9to5dji

New images:
This image seems to show a second monocular camera sensor at the rear of the Mavic. You can also see how compact the Mavic is when folded up in this image.

The controller seems to have craft specific info on an LCD screen. It is also part of a larger cradel that will likely accept a standard DJI RC into it ( can kind of see it in the below image ).

The Mavic compared in size to the DJI Inspire 1

DJI Mavic Compact Drone RC DJI Mavic Compact Drone Rear Light
In the image on the left we see the RC being used ( quite small )
In the right side image we see the Mavic on the ground. Note a large light on the rear. This is likely a status light.

Well, it had to happen just before GoPro announces the Karma. Real photos of the Mavic have emerged. Apart from the WOW is seeing it in the flesh, the other interesting thing is the controller on the floor. It seems to be a normal P4 style RC not what people thought ( an RC with a built in screen ).

The camera is still an unknown in terms of features. It will likley be 4k but what else like lens profile remains a mystery for now.


Other interesting bits:
1: The props are carbon reinforced ones with quick folding clips near the hub.
2: It has two downward sonar sensors on the bottom. Also has two camera sensor one in the middle and one in the rear.
3: Two object avoidance cameras on the front.
4: The images here do not have the dome over the camera. Although it does look like one can be attached.
5: The camera seems to be a 2 axis as predicted.
6: When the arms are folded it is palm sized but bigger than expected when open.
7: Lights on the ends of each arm.
8: Vents on the underside just behind the camera.
9: Legs on each front arm and two little ones on the rear of the underbody.



DJI Mavic DJI Mavic

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