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DJI Make Drones even safer…

by 9to5dji
ADS-B Image DJI Matrice 200

DJI released the Matrice 200 the other day and boy is it a beauty in terms of tech. But one feature that missed the headlines is the fact it will have ADS-B (automatic dependent surveillance broadcast) onbooard to assist the pilot in understanding the environment they are flying in.

The ADS-B receivers are used to detect broadcasts from nearby manned flights. The transmissions allow users to see the position, altitude and velocity of surrounding aircraft so they can take evasive action if required.

This is not a perfect system by any means and many of the nay Sayers in the drone industry ( commentators ) will be bleating on about how this will not stop drone/manned aircraft incidents as not all aircraft have the ADS-B system installed and even if they do, its use at low altitudes is not required. Regardless, this is a small stem in the right direction by DJI to not only show their commitment to safer skies but also to pushing the envelope of what these small airctaft can do.

Although this is only fitted into the enterprise class Matrice 200, the technology will inevitably filter down to the prosumer and eventually consumer product range that DJI have.

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