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DJI Inspire 2 Rumors and Wishlist

by 9to5dji
Inspire 2 Rumors

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It’s a 100% guarantee that a new DJi Inspire will be announced in summer 2016, of that I am sure. It is long over due that the Inspire 1 ( and the 2.0 version ) get an overhaul with the latest and greatest UAV features available on other craft. With the release of the DJI Phantom 4, you get an idea of what features we should expect in the new Inspire 2.

Not much is known about the Inspire 2, DJI are managing to keep it under wraps very very well. What is strong in the rumour mill world is that it is likely to look very similar to the current Inspire 1 and share some of its parts. So if it will look similar, what will it have new.. Lets make a list of likely changes and things we would like to have.

1: Front facing camera to make it a true dual operator. This is a rumour that keeps popping up. This would likely mean a re-designed nose.

2: Object avoidance like the Phantom 4. Although not the most important feature ever, even on the fantastic Phantom 4, DJI are likely to add it to the inspire 2. Maybe it will have side and rear OA also.

3: Activetrack and tap-To-Fly just like the Phantom 4.

4: Updated downward VPS just like the Phantom 4.

5: Updated camera. This one is hard to think about as the X5 (X5R) is an amazing camera already. It will definitely have a better camera than the X3 by default, the question is how much better? DJI are already testing some sort of Zoom capability on the X3 for the Osmo so maybe just an upgraded X3? Will there be an X6? DJI have also partnered with Hasselblad in late 2015. With their expertise in cameras it is a no brainer that DJI will use their technology at some point.

6: Updated propulsion system. This is likely a given considering even the P4 got this. Maybe a “Sports Mode” like the P4 too?

7: Better batteries. This is what holds back the technology of electric powered drones. DJI don’t seem to develop these themselves so its a bit out of their hands. 45 minute flights for an Inspire would be good but cost and weight of a battery that allows this might be a tad much. maybe the Inspire 2 can be dual or triple battery, similar t the M600 having 6.

8: Collapsible/folding arms. This is a feature of their bigger craft but has never made its way to smaller ones. Yuneec have recently introduced the Typhoon H that is small(ish) and has collapsible arms. Unless done well, like bigger DJI craft, this feature is worthless IMO. The Typhoon H is a very flimsy feeling craft build wise and I would rather not have folding arms to get a sturdy craft. DJI tends to engineer things very well so if it appears on an Inspire 2 then it will be good.
DJI S1000 Premium Spreading Wings

9: The DJI GO App could do with some extra features also. The option to create presets for images and video settings would be good and assign these to the C buttons. Taking photos and video at the same time also ( just like a GoPro can at intervals ).
DJI Go App


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