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DJI Goggles – Feature List

by 9to5dji
DJI Goggles Feature List

Now DJi gave us a peek at the Goggles in a video, lets look at what features we know they have from that video.

1: Pair of screens offering 3840×1080 resolution. Double the density of most FPV goggles.

2: Image free of latticing that is common with other goggles with high pixel density.

3: 85 degree field of view ( FOV ) per screen. Like looking at a 216 inch scren form 3 meters away.

4: Using Occusync technology, latency is reduced to almost nothing allowing long range 720p@60 fps video and close range 1080p/720p@30 fps.

5: Simultaneous connectivity of up to four devices so you can share flights with friends who have goggles too.

6: Stable connection to that aircraft thanks to antennae built into the headband offering 360 degree coverage.

7: Head tracking flight mode. Control the camera’s yaw and pitch by moving your head.

8: Use the touch-pad on the side of the DJI Goggles to control the menu whilst in flight. You can also use the 5D button on the Mavic RC.

9: Terrain Follow and Tripod modes available.

10: Comfortable and adjustable headband makes wearing the DJI Goggles nice and confy 🙂

11: Interpupillary Distance Knob ( yeah, I know ) allows you ti tune the goggles for your eyes.

12: The DJI Goggles can also be easily flipped up if you need to see manually.

13: They can be detached completely for portability.

14: Works with the Phantom 3 Advanced upwards, Phantom 4 range, Inspire 2 via its HDMI port and the Mavic wirelessly..

15: Using the USB port, the same head tracking extends to all supported aircraft.

16: You can use the HDMI port to connect other devices and use the Goggles with things like game consoles. If you need sound, the Goggles have on board headphone jack for this purpose.

17: Integrated SD card slot can be used to download and save video/images for the aircraft.

The DJI Goggles.

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