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DJI GO APP – Now with extra GEO

by 9to5dji

On the 5th July DJI announced that the GEO system they had been developing and publicly beta testing was available. I remember when DJI first announced this system and how much some people bitched and moaned to the hilt about it. I heard it all, “against my rights”, “anti constitutional”, “I will sue DJI”, “I paid for my drone so should be allowed to fly anywhere”, “I will never buy DJI again” and ON and ON and ON it went with the same people making shit up just because a system looked to be on the horizon that would not allow them to fly in places they really should not be. There were many constructive comments also and some of these ( like initially needing a data connection to unlock most zones ) were listened to and acted on by DJI.

So now it’s available ( for IOS 2.8.4 and Android 2.8.2 ), what does it really mean to users? Well, on a basic level it means very little will change for most people. At the other end of the scale, users will need to unlock before flying ( if it’s a yellow zone ). The process is easy and takes only a few seconds to do.

One important point to make is that the feature is OPTIONAL – When connected to the craft you CAN disable GEO. When you do this, the green and yellow zones do not show but the RED ones still remain ( same red zones as when GEO is ON ). There are more red zones with GEO but they are well places ones near airport runways and prisons, power stations and the like. Basically things Joe Public should not be flying over anyway.

DJI have a load of information about it on their site – http://www.dji.com/flysafe/geo-system – I suggest you go have a read and not pay too much importance on the bullshit you are likely to rad about on Facebook in the coming days. See this thread of DJI’s forum for official support – http://forum.dji.com/thread-57304-1-1.html

This might seem like a massive change for some users but I have been using it from day one and can really say, apart from a buzz point for safety, does not really impact the normal user.

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