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DJI GO App 2.7.2 IOS

by 9to5dji

Today DJI GO App version 2.7.2 for IOS dropped onto the world. Most notable change is the look of the camera user interface and the Flight Record system.

What’s new/different this version.
1: Re-designed camera User Interface for easier controls and a nicer look.
2: Overhauled the Flight Record system, making every flight count.
3: Added new Home Point option, allowing return to the current position when the Home Point is far away.
4: Lowered power consumption and several smaller bug fixes.

Only time and use will tell of the power consumption of the app has really changed from the previous version. It would be good if DJI have managed to shave some power usage away from this very hungry app.

The Update Is Available
DJI GO App 2.7.2

Home screen looks similar, Camera button is lighter though.
DJI GO App 2.7.2 - Home Screen Looks Similar

The Flight Records interface has chanced a LOT and more information is presented on the screen ( info blurred out as I use these craft for work ).
DJI GO App 2.7.2 Flight Records DJI GO App 2.7.2 Flight Records
DJI GO App 2.7.2 Flight Records DJI GO App 2.7.2 Flight Records
DJI GO App 2.7.2 Flight Records

The looks of the flight playback has also changed.
DJI GO App 2.7.2 Flight Records Playback

Second to the Flight Records section, the other noticeable change is to the Camera View interface, rearranged a little. Gone is the little house logo to go back home, now you have a large DJI logo. Next to that is the “System Status”, its gotten wider. To the right of that is the “Flight Mode” button, “Obstacle Sensing Status” button, “GPS Signal Strength” icon, “Remote Controller Signal” and “HD Video Link Signal” buttons, “Battery Level” button and the “General Settings” button. Below all these is the “Battery Level Indicator“. The rest of the screen looks similar to the previous bersion.
DJI GO App 2.7.2 Flight Camera View Interface

The Map pinching zooming issue seems resolved.
DJI GO App 2.7.2 Map Pinch Zooming Works

Swiping down gets rid of everything from the screen other than the Map ( cam minimize it to a small icon though ). Dont think this is new but worth mentioning.
DJI GO App 2.7.2 Map Swiping Down to clear the screen

Not overly sure when this arrived now what it does. Seems to have little impact when enabling/disabling.
DJI GO App 2.7.2 3D Noise Reduction Button

Whilst using the app this warning popped up reminding me that the “MidAir Motor Stop Method” had changed.. This is in reference to the new CSC DJI introduced a couple firmwares back.
DJI GO App 2.7.2 New CSC Change Warning

The Versions.
DJI GO App 2.7.2 Versions

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