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DJI GO 4 IOS App is Here

by 9to5dji
DJI GO 4 App

Looks like whatever made DJI think that mid December would be the release date for their new DJI GO 4 App, they were wrong and it is not available. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dji-go-4/id1170452592?mt=8

This is the App users need to use if they have a Phantom 4, Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro or Pro+ and Inspire 2.

All-new Homepage and UI
Near Real-time HD Image Transmission
Camera Settings Adjustment
Updated playback interface
Updated Editor with improved UI
More templates and music tracks in Editor
Convenient video downloading, editing and sharing
Integrated live streaming
Near real-time flight data recording

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