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DJI GO 2.8.5 IOS

by 9to5dji

DJI have released version 2.8.5 of their DJI GO App for IOS users. Seems a bug fix release and a chance to add the Z3 support before they start shipping it. They are also in the process of an overhaul of their backend systems also as a note for this app is that syncing flight logs might not work for a short while whilst they update their systems.
This release also contains a little easter egg of an upcoming Osmo GOOSE – http://www.osmo-guide.co.uk/2016/07/27/dji-osmo-goose/

What’s New in Version 2.8.5

1. Added support for Zenmuse Z3
2. Optimized Facebook Live streaming, minimizing grey screen and lag issues
3. Impoved Flight Records, adding Obstacle Avoidance status data and real-time location information.

Note:The flight records cannot be synced to DJI GO on other platform because of the improvement. This problem will be soon fixed when we update on other platforms.

Some changed in this version:

More module status info like ESC and Vision Sensors.
More module status ( ESC, Vision )

New colour profiles for Photo. Note that under Photo, if you change from “None” to any other profile, to go back to none choose “DJiColor”.
New colour profiles for Photo.
New colour profiles for Photo.

Live steaming has a sub-menu
Live Straming under sub-menu
Live Straming under sub-menu

The flight playback now shows the lat/long coordinates.
Coordinates on the flight playback.

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