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DJI Focus – Osmo Pro/RAW Adaptor Cable AVAILABLE

by 9to5dji

Dji have just made available the cable needed to attach the DJI Focus to the Osmo Pro/RAW. If you have the Osmo Pro/RAW and Focus you can finally get them to work together 🙂 Get it here prices at £26 http://store.dji.com/product/focus-osmo-pro-raw-adaptor-cable-0-2m

Note that this cable is only .20 of a meter so it’s only good for having the Focus mounted to the Osmo. I believe DJI will be making a longer one available in the near future that will allow you to have the Focus detached from the Osmo and possibly controlled by a second operator.

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Matt Spooner 18th June 2016 - 08:49

Cool. And with what kinda screw is it possible to mount the Focus controller to the Adaptor? I see there is a rosetta mount free for the focus controller, but now screw comes with the adaptor (I got the adaptor a few weeks ago and now I am ordering a focus controller). Any suggestions?


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