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DJI Event Yesterday – Overview

by 9to5dji

So the event is over and nobody got to order a DJI Spark or Goggles 🙂  -So what exactly was covered in the event?

1: The Ronin 2
DJI released a new Ronin and it looks freaking ace if you are in the market for one. No price for it yet but expect it to be similar or more than the original.

2:  DJI Cendence Controller
The Cendence remote controller was custom-built for the Inspire 2. However, it also offers compatibility with other professional grade DJI products. To improve overall control efficiency, Cendence provides up to five analog control channels and over ten customizable buttons. The design of Cendence also offers antenna interchangeability. A high-gain antenna, or DJI’s Tracktenna, can augment the power of DJI Lightbridge technology, significantly increasing overall anti-interference and video downlink quality.
Cendence will set you back £949 ( $999 ).
3: DJI Tracktenna
Tracktenna is a range and signal quality booster designed for use with the Inspire 2 and other high end DJI drones. Tracktenna’s directional array antenna transmits high-gain signal at 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz. At 5.8 GHz, signal reception is 32 times stronger, with up to 100 times reduced interference. Using industry-leading circuits, a low noise amplifier, and a power amplifier, Tracktenna compensates for cable power loss quickly and easily. When used with DJI’s Cendence remote controller and Inspire 2 drone, Tracktenna reaches its full potential, transmitting data at 10 Mbps within a 2 km range for optimal image transmission. When long-distance flight is required, Tracktenna offers a maximum transmission range of up to 10 km.

By using a gyroscope, accelerometer, compass, barometer, and GNSS module, Tracktenna will determine the antenna’s currentheading and attitude. Along with remote controller data transmitted via the CAN bus port, Tracktenna will detect the aircraft’sposition, pointing towards it with its 2-axis gimbal.
4: DJI Crystalsky.
We already knew about CrystalSky from last year but until now we didn’t know the price.. It costs £449 for a 5.5 inch high brightness one, £669 for a 7.85 inch high brightness one and a whooping £949 for the 7.85 inch ULTRA brightness version. On top of this you will need the RC bracket for an extra £75 to attach it to the Inspire 2 RC.

5: DJI Circle
For professional and advanced customers with demanding needs, the new DJI Circle program delivers a premium customer support program dedicated to ensuring world-class service whenever help is needed. The program offers broad coverage over a twelve-month period for up to five DJI products, including the Inspire, M600, Mavic Pro and Phantom drone series, and the Ronin and Osmo series of handheld stabilizers.
Each DJI Circle member receives the services of a personal DJI concierge to guide them through the many benefits of the program, and to ensure they can take advantage of those features easily and efficiently. The concierge can manage expedited battery rentals, prioritize product shipments, field technical support questions, provide information tailored to members’ particular needs, and invite them to exclusive DJI events where they can network with both DJI product managers and industry experts. With one single point of contact from around the world – including backup concierges available around the clock, every day of the year – DJI Circle members are free to focus on their creative needs.
DJI Circle benefits include:
Battery Rental Service – Upon request, batteries will be delivered to ensure your DJI devices always have as much power as needed to get you through your project. This service also helps avoid air travel restrictions associated with some DJI battery technology.
Device Repair and Backup Service – Receive coverage for repair of accidental damage to DJI products, up to $15,000 (USD) annually. When sending a product to DJI for repair you will receive a temporary replacement device to use until the repair is complete, minimising delays so you can meet project deadlines.
Global SOS Service – Gain access to emergency medical services in the event you become ill or injured while travelling, letting you confidently take on projects in remote locations around the world.
Exclusive Membership Benefits – Be among the first to receive new DJI products, plus gain exclusive access to DJI events and networking opportunities, helping you stay connected and at the forefront of aerial imaging technology.
Airport Lounge Access – Travel in comfort with free access to more than 850 airport lounges across the globe.

To ensure premium service quality, DJI Circle will first be available starting in May by invitation only to customers in the United States and mainland China, starting at $4,699 (USD) for a 12-month period. To request an invitation for future opportunities to become a DJI Circle member, email djicircle@dji.com.

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