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Cracks and Chips

by 9to5dji

The below image was posted by user Jim Watkins over on the DJI forums. The image he posted shows what appears to be a chip and a couple cracks on where the shell halves join on the side where the SD card goes.

The user said that the P4 had no crashes or hard landings and points out they were not there when he purchased it. A cause for alarm or not? The chip and cracks make it appear that its more than the stress cracking reported with the Phantom 3. Maybe it had a knock on the side, maybe it was heavy handed handling? Who knows. Its one reported case at the moment. DJI will likely replace this one just to quieten down the situation. It’s always a good day to bury bad news when a competitor cannot even ship a product to customers.

Keep an eye out time me thinks..

DJI Phantom 4 Shell Chips and Cracks

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Jim 8th June 2016 - 22:05

Greetings friends,
I am the person who originally posted theses pictures. I am not too concerned about it because; the cracks have not gotten worse over time and it seems plenty strong. So, all I am doing is keeping an eye on it.

Phantom4 9th June 2016 - 23:05

Thanks for the feedback Jim..


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