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Can you Trust Tech Reviews of Osmo?

by 9to5dji

Before I received my Osmo I saw many many reviews and articles made by tech blogs/magazines about the Osmo. Some had been given demo devices and some just wrote some rubbish based on no first hand knowledge at all. This got me thinking, how many of the early “reviews” and articles, baring in mind these are designed to ( and demo models loaned for ) you to buy the product, mentioned the gaping but issue the Osmo has in terms of audio recording.

So, I google “DJI Osmo review” on, well Google, and had a look at the top reviews that appeared over the first 2 pages. I read them to see if the Audio issue is mentioned, here are the results.

The reason I chose the Audio issue for this test is not just because its the worst flaw the Osmo has, its a common one since day 1. I could also mention that none of the reviews mention the App/Camera crash when recording in 4K 4096×2160 either.

This is not me having a moan because I have an Osmo that records audio as well as my washing machine could, I am happy with the product and have overcome the issue. I am moaning that tech sites cheat their customers by either not writing of issues or doing a half-ass’d review in the first place.

1: EnGadget.com – Mentions low audio quality in their test video. So, they had an Osmo to play with but seemingly didn’t notice the fan noise. Can you trust these t review a product properly? No.
2: Expertreviews.co.uk  -Wow, these guys are experts, they will have noticed the audio issue and informed its readers right? Wrong. Its more of a sales pitch than a review. So can’t trust Expertreviews.co.uk either it seems.
3: Stuff.tv – Again, no mention of the audio issue. They do mention that they will “review” it properly later but weeks after its out, no review. I assume it was a paid advert and now they don’t care as the cheque is in the post.
4: TechRadar.com – Wow, these are a radar for tech, I’m sure they will pick up the audio issues and mention it to the readers with their test? Nope, two pages and no mention of audio issues. Does mention no advanced audio control though.
5: Pocket-Lint.com – Again, this is an apparent “hands on” article yet no mention of the audio issue.
6: GizMag.com – These guys actually mention the audio issue, woo-hoo. They have a “test video” with a cute Dog but chose to mask the audio with music, Why GizMag?
7: Cnet.com – These mention the audio issue too. Good on Cnet.
8: TheVerge.com – After “two weeks” with this device, the reviewer at the Verge failed to notice or chose not to mention the audio issue.
9: Gizmodo.com.au – Good on Gizmodo, someone does test a device they review, the audio quality is described as “Garbage”.
10: 4K.com – Maybe these guys care more about video than audio going by their name as no mention of the audio issue. For a site that is called 4K.com, i’m surprised they don’t mention the 4096×2160 video recording issue either.
11: Cinema5d.com – Again, in their hands on, no mention of bad audio. They do mention the Mic Jack “to get better sound”.
12: Videosbyandy.com – This dude rocks as he not only mentions the audio but also tests it. Fair play, apart from mine, probably the best review available :

From looking at 12 of the top “reviews” for the Osmo, only four mention the issue ( Gizmag, Cnet, Gizmodo and VideosbyAndy ). This is a bloody shame really as it dupes customers into a purchase of something with a gaping big issue. People put a lot of trust in reviews but it seems the major players in this game when it comes to tech, let their readers all down miserably. It could also be an issue with these sites being paid to do reviews or that because they had affiliate links to the products, its in their interest to convince people to buy and not to inform them properly.

DJI, if you want someone to review your products and give customers a fair opinion of them, send them over to me.

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