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Birth of a Mavic

by 9to5dji
Birth of a Mavic

DJI have released a fascinating video detailing how key aspects of the Mavic Pro came to be. In the three minute video a few of DJI’s engineers talk about the design and the issues they had to overcome to bring us the drone we know and love today.

It’s only three minutes of your life, take a look at the video.

Early prototypes show the Mavic taking the form we know and love today.
DJI went through many versions of the folding arm mechanism before settling on that we have today. Early issues were the size of the mechanism.
One verison of the Mavic looked very much like the top shell of the Inspire 1 🙂
An early version also had a NAZA flight controller at the front.
The camera/gimbal went through many designs too in order to achieve the form we have today.

(images from DJI )

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