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by 9to5dji

DJI have made available a range of official accessories available for the Osmo on launch day. These accessories will help you get the shot you envisage with the Osmo.

Osmo Handle Kit Bundle – This kit includes everything (Includes Battery, Charger and Phone Holder. Gimbal and Camera not included.) you need to get Osmo if you already own an Inspire 1 X3 camera or plan to attach it to the X5 or X5R. Note: It does NOT include the case..
DJI Osmo Bundle

Osmo Handle – This is just the handle. Comes ( Excludes Intelligent Battery, Charger, Phone Holder, Gimbal and Camera )
Osmo Handle

Osmo Intelligent Battery – This is the battery for the Osmo. 1 hout run time recording and 6 hour standby.
Osmo Battery

Osmo Intelligent Battery Charger – If you get extra batteries, you might need to get an extra charger or two as it takes up to an hour to charge one Osmo battery. These are OFFICIAL DJI Osmo chargers, don’t risk damaging your batteries by trying to use 3rd party ones.
Osmo Charger

Osmo Carry Case – Being waterproof and shock proof, this is a must for Osmo owners. You will need this if you purchase the Osmo Handle Kit.
Osmo Case

Osmo Gimbal and Camera – The Osmo Gimbal and Camera is specially built for the Osmo. It can be locked to protect its inner mechanical structure when not in use. It’s capable of recording 4K video and capturing 12 megapixel still photos, with a 94°wide-angle prime lens, capturing clear and crisp images with minimal distortion. When used with the DJI GO app, you get access to intelligent shooting modes like Automatic Panorama and Timelapse. The Osmo Gimbal and Camera is not compatible with the Inspire 1.
Osmo Camera and Gimbal


Osmo – Universal Mount – The universal mount is designed for you to attach additional devices to Osmo like a light source or external microphone. This is Osmo Part Number 6
Osmo - Universal Mount

Osmo – Extension Stick – Easily reach tight hard to get to spots with the Osmo utilizing the Extension Stick. Combine this with the tripod for extra height. This is Osmo Part Number 1
Osmo - Extension Stick

Osmo – Tripod – For the times when you don’t want to hold the Osmo, the tripod comes in handy. Combine it with the Extension Stick to get extra height. This is Osmo Part Number 3
Osmo - Tripod

Osmo – Straight Extension Arm – This allows you to mount two accessories to the Osmo at the same time. Use this if you would like to use the Universal mount as well as the Phone mount. This is Osmo Part Number 5
Osmo - Straight Extension Arm

Osmo – Car Mount – This mount allows you to attach the Osmo to car windows and bodywork to get stunning shots from a car. Can also be mounted onto any smooth flat surface. This is Osmo Part Number 4
Osmo - Car Mount

Osmo – Bike Mount – Get stunning cycling shots with the Osmo attached to your bike/mountainbike.. Never before will down-hill Mountain Biking look so amazing. This is Osmo Part Number 2
Osmo - Bike Mount

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Anthony Herring 9th January 2016 - 19:22

This has been posted on the DJI Forum

Chat this morning with DJI :


Do you know when the X5 adaptor for osmo will be on the market ?

It may release in March


We are waiting since October !!!!!!”



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