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5 Bags & Cases to Keep Your DJI Mavic Safe

by 9to5dji
5 Bags & Cases to Keep Your DJI Mavic Safe

The Mavic Pro is DJI’s most powerful portable drone and is a perfect travel companion to go wherever life takes you. But for ultimate portability and protection, you’re going to need a bag or case for the drone and its accessories.

If you purchase the Mavic Pro Fly More Combo, you’ll get the Official DJI Shoulder Bag, which is small, compact, and perfect for travelling light.

But other companies also make great Mavic Pro bags and cases, and which one you choose depends entirely on your particular needs and wants. Here’s a list of five fantastic Mavic Pro bags and cases you can choose from.

1. Manfrotto Gear Backpack – Buy Now

The Manfrotto Gear Backpack (Medium) is a functional, compact, and ergonomically designed backpack that holds the Mavic Pro, Osmo, and accessories. It can even accommodate DSLR cameras with large, fast zoom lenses (ex. 70–200mm f/2.8) attached. It can also fit two additional lenses such as a 16–35mm f/2.8 zoom lens and a 100mm macro lens.

Manfrotto Gear Backpack Medium

Access is easy thanks to dual zippers that allow for easy access and open to expose the contents of the backpack fully. The front cover has organiser pockets for smaller items like business cards, phones, wallets, pens, cables, and LED lights. A rugged, modular design makes it easy to use, and dividers allow you to custom fit the inside of your bag around all your gear, creating perfectly sized compartments for your needs.

Manfrotto Gear Backpack Medium

2. National Geographic Backpack – Buy Now

If you’ve been searching for a compact backpack for your Mavic Pro but with enough extra space to carry around all the necessary accessories, then look no further than the Nat Geo Earth Explorer. This little gem of a backpack is nearly perfect for urban exploration.

National Geographic Earth Explorer Small Backpack

Firstly, it’s well made, and there are loads of pockets. Though subtle, there is a laptop compartment which will easily fit a 12.5″ laptop. The lower camera backpack holds a mid-level SLR with a prime lens attached and four more prime lenses if needed. There’s ample space for batteries, memory cards, and filters as well.

National Geographic Earth Explorer Backpack

Also, check out the Nat Geo’s Walkabout Small Backpack, which is lighter in colour and offers and different look and feel.

3. Everyday Sling – Peak Design – Buy Now

This award-winning sling bag is perfect for the Mavic Pro and accessories. Available in light and dark shades of grey, this understated bag ideal for anyone looking for something that’s not too flashy. The bag easily stores a Mavic Pro, remote controller, and several batteries, accessories, and FlexFold dividers make sure your gear stays organised. This bag features just two pockets, but its minimalism is quite refreshing.

Peak Design The Everyday Sling

4. OnePlus Travel Backpack – Buy Now

This spacious bag from OnePlus, a renowned phone manufacturer, offers plenty of space and fits all you need to travel with the Mavic. Designed with adventure in mind, it’s resistant to cuts and tears and easily straps to luggage. From a design standpoint, it’s similar to the everyday sling with its muted grey colour but offers much more space. Another cool feature its easy-access laptop compartment, which allows you to remove a laptop when going through security quickly.

OnePlus Travel Backpack

5. Pelican Drone Case – Buy Now

The DJI Mavic Pelican Drone Case was made to hold the DJI Mavic Drone along with its remote controller, extra batteries, a tablet, and various accessories in an easy to carry, waterproof, and rugged Pelican case.

Pelican Drone Case

This tank-like case is bound to protect your DJI Mavic while travelling, and then some. The case has closed cell military-grade polyethylene foam that is specially designed and form fitted to your DJI Mavic and its accessories and is adept at absorbing shock and vibrations created from a hard impact. It also features an o-ring seal that keeps the case watertight when fully submerged. Added security options come in the form of padlock holes in both corners. For those looking to store their drone safely while travelling, look no further than the DJI Mavic Pelican Drone Case. The Pelican drone case will come to the DJI Online Store soon!

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