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1 DAY TO GO – What to Expect (and Not Expect) From the Phantom 4

by 9to5dji

Well people, we only have 24 hours to wait until DJI finally announce the Phantom 4. Lets have a look at what we are expecting and not expecting from the Phantom 4 announcement.

WHAT TO EXPECT ( Other than it to be freaking awesome! ):
1: Larger battery and longer flight time. Something in the region of 22 to 25 minutes of actual in the air time.
2: Better camera. Be that 4k @60, 6k @ 25 or 30  -16 megapixel or more. Video bitrate of up to 100mbps.
3: Different gimbal. Possibly lighter and detachable. Chances it could even be composite.
4: New design propellers and quick release system.
5: Some form of object avoidance via sensors on the front and underneath.
6: Object tracking built into the existing intelligent navigation features.
7: Collision Avoidance while in RTH.
8: POI based on clicking an image of the object on the live feed.
9: Better shell not going to crack during normal use.
10: 128Gb ( and possibly above ) SD support.

1: 360 degree gimbal, although it look like it could do it, no retractable legs makes it almost pointless.
2: Retractable landing gear.
3: Stupid name like Tomato or X
4: New App other than an updated GO App
5: Being waterproof.. There is a small chance it might be IP56 compliant though.

DJI Phantom 4 Image

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